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Pay Me To Do ExamSodium borate is an ingredient in the HPV vaccine Gardisil, that is advertised exam help younger women as exam help preventative in opposition t one kind of cervical cancer brought on by the human papillomavirus. Sodium borate also is advertised as rat poison, even though in much higher doses. Gardisil manufacturer Merck says the quantity of sodium borate used examination help preserve the vaccine is safe. Washington Times reporter Gregory Lopes, however, noted that some possible vaccine reactions that experience triggered specialists in Spain exam help stop allotting the shots are eerily similar exam help signs of sodium borate poisoning: complications, blurred vision, possible seizures quiz help paralysis. Most of the reactions were mild quiz help brief but two young women were hospitalized after taking the vaccine. Dangers of ExposureThe following counsel is listed under Hazard Identification of the Material Safety Data Sheet for 20 Mule Team Borax:Ingestion: May be destructive if swallowed.