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Vinnova, that’s the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, quiz help JSPS the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science have now chosen exam help fund the museum’s project exam help cautiously doc quiz help digitise the Japanese plants. The collection is composed exam help exam help large a part of so called type specimens which attach species with their names. But the names used today can differ a bit of from the names selected by Carl Thunberg towards the tip of the 18th century. “What will happen is that Japanese systematists will come here examination help study all the Japanese specimens from exam help modern taxonomic viewpoint. At the same time we will scan them exam help get high nice digital images”, says Stefan Ekman, first curator of the Museum of Evolution. Previously, anyone who has wanted exam help study the plants in the assortment have had examination help travel exam help Uppsala examination help view them on region, or ask the museum examination help send lower choice images interested by exam help digicam.