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Later Friday, Clark County coroner’s officials diagnosed the body found Thursday as that of the girl, Jade Morris. Officials say she died of dissimilar stab wounds. The girl was last seen Dec. 21 with Wilson, who’d picked her up exam help go Christmas shopping. Family members say Jade had exam help close relationship with Wilson, who used examination help date her father. Wilson, 50, was arrested later that night after she was wrestled exam help the ground with razors in each hand following exam help face slashing attack on exam help female co worker, Joyce Rhone, at the Bellagio. The first specimen was found out by exam help team of Soviet paleontologists in 1979 but remained unstudied for greater than thirty years. The new specimen preserves most of the arms, legs, quiz help spine of the badger sized animal, including many bones that were not preserved in the 1st specimen. The authors of the recent study made exact comparisons among the many bones of Ernanodon quiz help those of contemporary mammals quiz help concluded that Ernanodon was highly specialized for digging. It could have dug for food, for shelter, or both. “Only exam help handful of Asian Paleocene mammals are known by their postcranial skeleton, which makes Ernanodon exam help unique source of very essential information about its habits, approach to life, quiz help affinities,” said Peter Kondrashov of A. T.